Travelwest Smartcards

The West of England authorities have teamed up with some local bus operators to introduce the very latest in smartcard technology designed to make your life that much easier. You can choose between buying smart tickets or Pay-As-You-Go contactless payment.

New website - Now Live

Welcome to the new and improved Travelwest Smartcards website. Please sign in using the fields on the left of this page. If you have never registered in the past, please contact customer service.

Please note: If you were registered on the previous website, we have moved your card and account over for you. However, the first time you login to the new website it will ask you to re-register your password. This only takes a minute and it will send you a password confirmation email. Click the link in the email to gain access to your new account.

We are sorry that we need to ask you to check your email, but in order to ensure that we are protecting your data, this re-registration is essential. The security of your personal information is our number one concern.

Why Smartcard?

  • Convenience – buy your ticket before you travel, with the ability to buy multiple days/journeys in one go, and with Pay-As-You-Go there is no need to carry
  • Discounts – get access to special discounted tickets when using the Pay-As-You-Go ePurse and when buying multi-journey tickets in advance
  • Cashless – top up your Pay-As-You-Go and use it to buy tickets on the bus
  • Robust – plastic cards are more durable than paper tickets
  • Security – if lost or stolen, registered cards can be blocked and then replaced
  • Protect your balance – if lost or stolen, your Pay-As-You-Go credit and tickets purchased online are protected and remaining credit will be transferred to your replacement card
  • Service improvements – better travel information  will help us plan future services