How To Use Travelwest Smartcards

How to get a Travelwest Smartcard and how to use it

How can I use my Smartcard What tickets? Where can I use? How do I buy?

Load your card with credit and use it to buy tickets on bus (participating operators only)

Available on ALL Travelwest cards
PAYG credit can be used to buy selected tickets on bus.

Some bus operators offer special ‘smart’ discounts for customers using PAYG payment
- Abus

- Wessex (Service 42 Bath P&R service only)

- Carmel

- Crosville

- Faresaver

- Somerbus

On bus:
From participating bus operators Top up your credit on any of these buses
Rider Multi-Operator tickets:

Purchase a smart Rider ticket on bus and then simply hold it to the reader to travel on every subsequent journey

Available on ALL Travelwest and First ‘touch’ cards
- BathRider (1 day & Weekly tickets)

- BristolRider (1 day & Weekly tickets

- WestonRider (1 day & Weekly tickets)

- AvonRider (1 day & Weekly tickets)
All operators participating in the West of England Bus Operator Association scheme.

An up to date list of participating operators can be found by clicking the below link:
On bus:
From all participating operators

Note: Buses operated by First bus will sell, and accept, rider tickets on Travelwest cards but cannot issue new Smartcards.
Bristol Park and Ride day tickets:

Purchase your smart tickets online on the Travelwest portal and collect at the Park and Ride site – then simply hold to the reader when getting on the bus
Day tickets – available in packs of:
- 5 day passes
- 10 day passes
- 20 day passes

Available online:
- 5 day passes
- 10 day passes
- 20 day passes
Bristol Park and Ride ONLY Online:

Currently only Travelwest cards which were ordered through the Travelwest web site with a park and ride ticket can be used on these services. 

Other cards will not be able to be topped up with Park and Ride tickets, online or on bus.
Bath Park and Ride ticket: 

Purchase your smart tickets on bus then simply hold it to the reader to travel on every subsequent journey

Bath Park and Ride tickets are only available on Travelwest cards handed out by drivers on Bath Park and Ride services
10 Journeys Bath Park and Ride pack Bath Park and Ride ONLY On bus:
On Bath Park and Ride Services (not available on the Service 42)

Currently only Travelwest cards handed out on Bath Park and Ride Services, operated by First, can purchase the 10 journeys ticket.


Find out more about available tickets and costs here